Super Bracket Bros

Bindle-Man: No Way Home for the Holiday Special

December 24, 2021 Jay Davis & Eliah Stokes
Super Bracket Bros
Bindle-Man: No Way Home for the Holiday Special
Show Notes

Just when you thought we couldn’t be more ambitious, the podcast Holiday crossover has gotten larger and merrier!

Welcome Bindle-Man: No Way Home for the Holiday Special! This teamup of epic proportions is from your favorite podcasts and podcasters. This year we have Super Bracket Bros, GeeK KetchUP, Game of Groans, Level Playing Field, Your Friendly Neighborhood Gamers and Ultimate Sports Mashup all coming together to bring holiday cheer!

In this episode, our podcasting gang plays some games themed around the holiday season. Emily and Kate from Game of Groans host Have Yourself a Merry Little Quizmas, a Holiday movie trivia game. Andrew from Level Playing Field and Your Friendly Neighborhood Gamers hosts a Christmas music version of Synonym Roll, the game where song titles have been changed to synonyms and players have to guess the original. Finally, Jay from Super Bracket Bros and Ultimate Sports Mashup host, of course, a bracket. This year, the tournament was to decide the best Christmas movie of all time. Hilarity and bindles ensue.

If you enjoy this episode, let us know! And please check out all of the shows represented on this episode! Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 

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